Our Organization Sri Lanka International Development Organization is a registered organization of the National Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organization, Ministry of Social Services, Sri Lanka, 2002. Our Organization Structure consists of consultants, key officers, professionals and volunteers and staff. We hope to make our scope work more efficient and efficient by using the latest technology in the

Mainly our organization focus on children disables people who face difficulties to fulfill their daily life activities. We conduct our projects by taking funds from foreign, government, and personal funding and doing projects like blood donation campaigns, provide types of equipment for needed people like clusters, wheelchairs, etc. On the other hand, we doing things for children to make their future in a better place by conducting projects like providing educational materials and educational institutes and provide facilities to those places.

We provide financial assistance to our organization in order to visit Sri Lanka in accordance with the laws of the Government of Sri Lanka and to check the activities of our organization.

Our Logo

Our Vision

Arrangements for the eradication of human health, education, health and poverty of the people of Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Implementation of various projects, welfare of the needy people and the welfare of the members of the organization through the benefits of government or private companies or government sponsored activities

Innocent people require your help!