Helping People

Many parts of Sri Lanka are prone to natural disasters such as droughts, floods and landslides for most of the year. Taking this into consideration, our organization has come forward to provide relief in those disaster situations.


We have many shortcomings financially and materially for these projects. We are in dire need of machinery (dozers / backhoes) to rehabilitate those areas especially in the event of landslides. All these projects and activities are under the full supervision of the Government of Sri Lanka. We are receiving assistance from Sri Lankans and foreigners for our ongoing projects and we look forward to receiving financial and material assistance for future projects as well.


You have the opportunity to join us and join us in uplifting the lives of these people and provide us with financial and material assistance. We would also like to tell you that our organization provides the necessary legislation for the provision of material assistance from abroad.

Helping for avoid disasters..

Your Support Means a Lot

Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. Donate $2( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!