The Government of Sri Lanka provides free education and other facilities to Sri Lankan children. Difficult children also have access to education, but there are various barriers to access to free education for children in rural Sri Lanka. Many children drop out of school due to economic hardship.
By rescuing children from these unfortunate situations, improving their education and making them useful to the society, our organization has been active in providing books and other material assistance to poor children. Children have benefited from this and many more children will benefit from it. We are also focusing on providing buildings and other necessary equipment for schools.
All these projects are under the full supervision of the Government of Sri Lanka. We are receiving assistance from Sri Lankans and foreigners for our ongoing projects and we look forward to receiving financial and material assistance for future projects as well. You have the opportunity to join us and uplift the lives of these people. We can provide financial and material assistance to us. We would also like to tell you that our organization provides the necessary legislation for the provision of material assistance from abroad.

Sri Lankan rural areas children face many difficulties..

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