Our Ongoing Projects & Programs

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Key Population Project

We are currently carrying out the Global Fund AIDS Control Project with the Badulla General Hospital, also known as the Key Population Project. This is done by identifying prostitutes in the Badulla district, testing their blood and treating STIs. It is also important to advise against the spread of social diseases such as AIDS. About 5 employees are employed in this spread. This project is being carried out under the full guidance and contribution of Niroshan Jayasekara, a specialist at the Badulla Provincial General Hospital. This project is very helpful for maintain health and social impact of Sri Lanka. Our main hope and the aim of this project is success that fact immediatlly. You also can join with us to help them. 

Estimated Budget : $5000

Food And Organic Fertilizer Project

Our organization is interested in food in the world and the current Covid- 19 plague has increased the risk of people facing food shortages. At present there is a land of about 40 acres with very fertile cultivations with water and electricity for sale in the Moneragala District of Sri Lanka. Our organization needs the help of Donor Sheel to find the funds needed to get it. If you are a foreign national, you can obtain this land by negotiating a cooperative agreement with us or subject to the rules and regulations of any government. Aid is needed for that. We make it clear that we are always ready to discuss and collaborate with you to meet the needs of the financial aid provider. Thank you for letting us know if you are interested in this.

Estimated Budget : $410 000
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Elder Caring Project

One of the problems that our organization has recently identified is the
plight of the elderly. The busy lives of children have made it impossible
for parents to provide care. It is not the negligence of children but their
busy lifestyle. They like to treat their parents, but their job or business
is a hindrance.Therefore, we hope to set up a luxurious Elderly Care Center
for single parents as well as wealthy single parents to provide a better
evening for their needy parents and children.currently Sri Lanka is the best country to live during this pandamic situation. We will all the facilities to elders in our home incluse meals they like ,medicines exercise, tours and religious activities etc. If you interest let us know.

Estimated Budget : $ 40 000

Our Upcoming Projects

Currently we are planing to conduct new projects for children and people who need aid from the society. Stay connect with us for more updates. 

Blood Donation Camp will be held very soon..

Your Generous Gift Will Bring Joy And Purpose To Orphans Around The World