A financially challenged person can be helped in many ways, one can provide him food, clothing, help him arrange a shelter, give him cash for medical treatment, provide medicine or help him get a job or self-employment. The problem is that all of this doesn’t necessarily bring him and his family from the destitute state. It is often claimed that self-employment can help him out of poverty; well there is a chance, if he is lucky and doesn’t get struck with any medical emergency or an accident which destroys his source of earning etc

Poor family

According to a World Bank report the chance of such a shock in one year are more than 60%. In case of a medical emergency he often sells his business to raise capital for the medical treatment, lest he isn’t able to raise funds from any other source, like taking a loan from someone. This makes it very difficult to improve their living conditions over the period of time. The lack of awareness & illiteracy acts like catalysts to worsen the situation

It is often seen that due to continuous pain and frustration, such folk’s attempts to either start taking narcotics, and / or indulge themselves in street crimes so that they could feed and buy medical treatment for sick in their family. This happens when they lose all hope, which happens when no one come forward to help them.

This is exactly the point which makes it important helping the poor. It is possible that the help might not bring him out of the clutches of poverty, as it’s a long process of continuous support and guidance (with respect to education, employment, healthcare etc.), which hardly anyone can do within his limited resources. But this help will definitely give him hope that there is someone out there who might help him. This help would reinforce his belief that God still cares for him, and He can send someone to help when needed.

The importance of this for a poor person cannot be explained in words, it can be realized only when one experience it. It is this hope which keeps the poor fellow becoming a street criminal or a drug addict… subsequently making the society a better place to live for all. Therefore keep adding your bit to the society, keep helping such people, and keep in touch with them, as your help might not just bring him out of the clutches of poverty but will eventually make the society a better place to live for all…Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.