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The Government of Sri Lanka is making great strides in the health of the Sri Lankan people. With the aim of contributing to the building of a healthy society, our organization has planned and is already undertaking various projects to address the health issues of the people throughout Sri Lanka.

Projects such as providing equipment for the disabled, blood donation camps, providing guidlines how to live helthy for people who want advices, and some hospitles there are no proper resources to treat emergency patients and well as other general patients. As a organization we hope to give resources those kind of hospitles in Sri Lanka.Those projects are already in the pipeline.

All these projects are under the full supervision of the Government of Sri Lanka. We are receiving assistance from Sri Lankans and foreigners for our ongoing projects and we look forward to receiving financial and material assistance for future projects as well. You have the opportunity to join us and uplift the lives of these people. We can provide financial and material assistance to us.We would also like to tell you that our organization provides the necessary legislation for the provision of material assistance from abroad.

Types of Upcountry Estate Houses

Most of upcountry state people lives like this kind of houses.There are lot of problems that can happen when living like that.Those houses have lack of Sanitary facilities. Because of that they face health problems.

Hospitle Projects

Some rural hospitles in Sri Lanka there are no any emergency tratment facilities and other resources for treat the patients.As a organization we keep looking for those kind of hospiles and give fonations that what they want.

Make People Smaile

There are lot of people in hospitles and domestic that they need equipments to make thier lives. But because of the financial problems they can not full fill those kind of things. We happily present to help that kind of people by giving requied equipments.

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Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. Donate $2( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!